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Jane Austen And Her Writing

Jane Austen was an English novelist who was born on December 16, 1775, and died on July 18, 1817, at the age of 41 years. She has a style of realism and sharp commentary about social conditions, and her ability to draw on third-person, narrative angle, parody and irony style, has been making her as one of the most favored writers in English literature's and her work are read everywhere. Austen came from a small family living in harmony and living in the suburbs in aristocratic circles.

With the publication of Pride and Prejudice (1813), and her another book in 1814 and 1816, she was successful as a writer. She wrote two other novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Both were published in 1818 after her death. The third novel entitled Sanditon did not get completed because she died.

The Austen's plot though is more parody, highlighting the importance of marriage for women this time to ensure the social and economic status, one of the strong influence on Austen was writing is she questioned the moral issue.

Karen Armstrong And Her Religion Writing

Karen Armstrong, (born 14 November 1944 in Wildmoor, Worcestershire, England) is an author, feminist and author of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. She was born into an Irish family that after the birth of Karen moved to Bromsgrove and then to Birmingham.

Karen Armstrong is an expert on religions which has produced many writings about various religions. He described his belief in an interview on C-Span in 2000:

"Usually I describe myself, perhaps jokingly, as a freelance monotheist ( free). I dug my believe source of all three Abrahamic faith. I can not see one thereof has a monopoly on truth, each of which has advantages over the other. Each has its own genius and each has its own weaknesses. Recently I wrote about the short life of the Buddha, and I was fascinated by what was said to him about spirituality, about the ultima (highest, most important), about compassion and about the need to throw the ego before we may encounter with the divine. And, in my view, all the great traditions say the same thing in a way that is more or less the same, although on the surface they look different."

Facts About JK Rowling

Harry Potter novels or films has become a phenomenon and a part of the pop culture world community. The fans there are millions and spread them throughout the world. Wizarding World of Harry Potter phenomenon is, of course, inseparable from the figure of its creator, JK Rowling. In the hands of a 48-year-old woman fantasy tale magical world created a new and exciting readers / viewers of all ages. All the books and the movie would've been you enjoy, but do you know about the following interesting facts?

1. The same Birthdays
Whether intentional or not, JK Rowling's date of birth was the same as the date of birth of Harry Potter character in her novel.

2. Suffering from multiple diseases
Rowling has been diagnosed with depression before becoming famous. Her suffered from severe depression has become an inspiration to create Dementor in the story of Harry Potter.

3. The initial idea of Harry Potter
Rowling wrote the initial idea of Harry Potter in a tissue when she boarded the train from Manchester to London in 1990.


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