Hiring a moving company

Hiring a moving company is considered the most expensive option by many, but it is not always true. When I moved to a new house with my wife and two small children I hired a company you will find here www.goorangemoving.com. Hiring a moving company when relocating across Phoenix was the cheapest and least stressful option for us.

Moving company will load and unload your heavy furniture, they will provide a truck the size you need so you won’t have to make more than one trip back and forth. They will unload everything and put your furniture into corresponding rooms. They will even provide cleaning for busy families like ours.

Renting a truck

Renting a truck to move is almost the same as moving by yourself with a few extras. It is a wise option if you have large furniture to move and friends to help you load stuff. These type of moves are usually for couples or small families with older kids leaving in an apartment and relocating to a new apartment in Phoenix within a few miles.

From my experience I know that renting a truck to move will not work when you have big family or small children. It won’t pay off to rent a truck for a few days, drive long distances and take time off work to move the whole house of belongings.

This option will be the best only if you are extremely organized and pack and color code boxes according to the room. My advice here is to really think things through and calculate if this option is really the cheapest one.

Moving by yourself

Moving by yourself is probably the most challenging, but also the cheapest way to move if you think it through. There are only a few situations when it is a wise choice: you are single, have very little stuff, no large furniture pieces, you are moving into college dorms.

These are situations when moving by yourself is the best option. Packing and loading will always be time consuming, but organization is the key to success. The best advice I cold give is to make a list of pieces you will really need and only take these with you, also label everything and color code so that you can find the most important stuff right away.

If you never moved, read and plan, otherwise you will find yourself lost and it will take you a few days instead of one.

Moving and relocating

Moving from one place to another is not easy and hardly anyone likes it. There are many different reasons why people move. I’m thirty years old and I already moved seven times so you won’t find a better person to give you advice on how to move.

There are really only three ways one can move from place to place:

– moving on your own

– renting a truck

– hiring professional movers

Each way has its advantages and disadvantages and you have to choose what works best for you and your situation. I will describe every process in the following posts so read on.